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Frase for SEO by App Sumo

Frase for SEO

An advanced AI to easily create SEO-focused content that answers visitors’ queries.

(Starting at $79.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

HappyScribe by AppSumo


An Automated subtitles & transcripts for audio & Video with AppSumo.

(Starting at $69.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

SwipePages by AppSumo

Swipe Pages DIY Builder

Want to Create professional-quality? Instantly customized landing pages with no coding

(Starting at $49.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Boost by AppSumo


Increase your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links.

(Starting at $49.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Pixlr Photo Editor

Single Click editing for professional quality images without editing expertise.

(Starting at $49.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

wp redirects by AppSumo

WordPress 301 Redirect (Free)

Fix SEO issues, redirections, and 404 errors with one easy-to-use tool for WordPress

(Starting at $00.00)

million dollar templates by Appsumo

Million-Dollar Emails (Free)

A great set of email templates to grow your business relationships

(Starting at $00.00)

InVideo for Editing

An Amazing cutting-edge video editing tool that makes professional videos with a few clicks.

(Starting at $49.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Quu by AppSumo

Quuu for Social Media

An Amazing tool that automates curation and posting for you for Social Media

(Starting at $49.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Publer for Social Sharing

Manage, schedule, and analyze all your social media posts all at once.

(Starting at $49.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Switcy by Appsumo


Increase engagement and conversions with custom retargeting links.

(Starting at $39.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Google Cheat Sheets (Free)

Free Google Sheets templates to build advertising calculators, title generators, &more.

(Starting at $00.00 LIFETIME DEAL)

Track Star (Free)

A powerful tool to track work hours, make payrolls, and bill your clients

(Starting at $00.00)

Adam Ai by AppSumo

Meetings: Reinvented (Free)

A simple & powerful platform to fully manage meeting content

(Starting at $00.00)

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Mohammed Faizan N - Digital Marketing Consultant at Itzfizz

About Mohammed Faizan N

He is the Founder of Itzfizz Digital. An Aspiring Entrepreneur and Passionate Growth Hacker with over 5+ years of experience in building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Helping brands create amazing websites & improving organic visibility on Google economical prices

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Digital Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services on the internet through different digital channels such as Search Engines like Google, Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc., E-mail or any other channel which can be easily accessed on the internet via your mobile, laptop, desktop or tablets.