Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

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digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad

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Hello there, digital enthusiasts! Let me tell you something you didn’t know. According to Statista, as of 2023, 5.18 billion people have access to the internet. That’s like having 64.6 percent of the world’s population at your disposal! This 64.6 percent represents a large pool of potential clients waiting for you to attract them with your creative marketing talents. 

Now is the ideal time to begin your digital marketing adventure and explore the limitless potential of expanding your business online. So strap in and prepare to enter the fascinating world of digital marketing, where success knows no bounds!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of strategies, methods, and techniques used to promote products, services, and brands via digital platforms. Search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and other activities fall within the purview of digital marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, which rely mainly on physical mediums such as print advertisements or billboards, digital marketing uses the power of the internet and numerous digital platforms to communicate with target audiences. The ultimate goal is to improve brand exposure, lead generation, website traffic, and sales.

What is the importance of Digital Marketing?

The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before, with people spending a considerable portion of their time online. And guess what? That’s also where your potential customers hang out!  Now that we know the definition of digital marketing, let’s dig a little deeper and find out why it’s important for your business

i) Incredible Reach

One of the most significant advantages of Internet marketing is its enormous reach. With a few clicks, you may broaden your brand’s reach and reach individuals all over the world. You will no longer be limited by geography! Whether you are a small start-up or a large multinational, digital marketing levels the playing field and provides you with a fair chance of success.

ii) Target your ideal audience

Another significant advantage is the ability to target your ideal customers with precision. You can identify specific demographics, interests, or behaviours that are perfectly aligned with your products or services using modern analytics and targeting techniques. This means you can design personalized marketing efforts that appeal directly to your potential customers’ hearts and minds, increasing your chances of conversions and purchases.

iii) Power of Data

With digital marketing, you may learn a lot about your target audience, their tastes, and their online behaviour. This wealth of data enables you to fine-tune your plans, optimise your campaigns, and make data-driven decisions that provide measurable outcomes.

iv) Cost-effectiveness

When compared to traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing frequently provides a higher return on investment. You must allocate your spending wisely, focusing on the channels and methods that produce the best results.

What is the scope of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not a temporary craze. It’s a dynamic sector that’s here to stay, continually evolving and expanding alongside technology breakthroughs. As the world becomes more interconnected, the scope of digital marketing is rapidly expanding.

Consider this: nearly every element of our life now has a digital component. We live in a digital-centric era, which includes everything from shopping and entertainment to communication and information collecting. That’s where digital marketing comes in to steal the show!

The scope of digital marketing includes numerous channels and tactics:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): This is the process of improving your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. 
  • Social media marketing: This involves connecting with your target audience through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
  • Email marketing: This allows you to communicate directly with your subscribers via personalised emails. 
  • Content marketing, Influencer marketing, Video marketing, and so on.

But hold on, there’s more! Digital marketing isn’t just for large corporations or e-commerce businesses. It is a domain that welcomes companies of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a small-town bakery, a boutique apparel company, or a freelance photographer, digital marketing provides a platform for you.

Not to mention the worldwide reach of digital marketing. You may communicate with consumers all around the world, breaking down barriers and broadening your company horizons like never before. The digital world has no bounds, allowing you to spread the wings of your brand far and wide.

Choosing the Right Agency

  • Determine your goals: SEO, Email marketing, social media marketing, and other services are provided by various Digital Marketing agencies. Knowing your company’s internal demands will help you filter out numerous agencies while on the hunt, saving you time and money.
  • Conduct research: Check through the agencies’ previous work and portfolio to get a good understanding of their capabilities. Determine whatever services your company requires and select an agency that provides them. Look for reviews, testimonials, or any other information that may provide you with actual evidence of the agency’s’ effectiveness.
  • Transparency and Communication: Look for an agency that communicates openly throughout the process. They should send you regular updates, reports, and insights into the progress and performance of your efforts.
  • Budget and price: Establish a budget and discuss price structures with the agency ahead of time. To minimize surprises later on, make sure they provide precise data on expenses, contracts, and any additional charges.


Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

1. Itzfizz Digital

Itzfizz Digital is one of India’s fastest-growing digital marketing and growth organisations, specialising in optimising businesses’ online presence and helping them achieve their goals. As industry leaders, they are committed to supporting businesses of all sizes and providing expertise that goes beyond transcends boundaries. 

With a proven track record of over 250 successful projects, they have established themselves as a trusted global leader. Their seasoned team of specialists has provided over 200 clients with visually stunning websites, engaging content, customised social media marketing, professional videography and photography and impactful branding and design.

Additionally, Itzfizz has developed an SEO checker that identifies SEO flaws and enables you to rectify them for free! Their clientele spans diverse industries, including information technology, hospitality, education, food and beverage, and health care. 

Services Offered: Website Design, Content, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, and more.

Founder: Mohammed Faizan N

Contact: +91 7338376454


Itzfizz Clientele

2. Geekschip

Geekschip is a digital marketing agency with a slew of digital business solutions available across the world. They have been trained to provide top-rated, powerful, and value-added ranking optimisation services to assist your business in reaching the top of search engine results pages. 

Geekschip feels that quality is more important than quantity. They offer world-class SEO packages at reasonable prices. All of their services are both customer-centric and customizable. Geekschip offers the ideal combination of ability, tool, and technique. 

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, ORM, and Growth Hacking.

Founder: Sudhir Naidu

Contact: +91 9100068885



3. Inovies

Inovies has become a household name in Hyderabad for Web Application Design and Development, unaffected by global statistics, competitors, or specialty markets. They are experienced in Customised Application Development, Website Designing, and Digital Marketing.

Services Offered: Web Design & Development, Custom Application Development, E-commerce, SEO, Employment Process Outsourcing, Exam Pattern Tool – For Companies & Academic Institutions, Software Licensing, ERP, CRM, and Startup Consulting

Founder: Nagendra Bommasani

Contact: +91 9908334546




As a top digital marketing agency in India, they use a quantitative approach to digital marketing, which includes not just delivering captivating content but also evaluating the outcome to ensure you know what they are capable of. Their digital marketing services ensure this by employing a three-step methodology of Attract, Convert, and Measure. 

They have worked with clients from a variety of industries in the past seven years. They have worked with startups, SMEs, and large corporations from India, the United States, Australia, the European Union, and the Middle East, and they understand the cultural sensitivity of global markets. They have been named one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies by Clutch. 

Services Offered: PPC Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Video, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, E-commerce Development, Online Reputation Management, PR, Search Engine Optimization, UI/UX Design, B2B Lead Generation, and more.

Founder: Ajay Kulkarni, Dipankar Ghosh

Contact: +91 9390175427



5. Orange Carrot

Orange Carrot is a marketing agency with offices in the United States and India. They try to provide advanced, innovative marketing solutions that help brands create and keep their competitive edge. Their professional staff of media buyers, strategists, analysts, and digital business consultants collaborate to provide businesses with customised solutions.

Services offered: Marketing, Digital marketing, Business consulting, Google PPC, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Facebook advertising, Local SEO, and Google Maps Optimization.

Founder: Austin Lovvorn, Rakesh Reddy

Contact: +1 5616039344



6. Brandingnuts

Brandingnuts is a leading digital marketing and web development firm in Hyderabad. Despite being founded in 2019, Brandingnuts has amassed a large number of satisfied customers in a short time. They are well-known for developing innovative digital strategies for all businesses, regardless of their domain or industry. They have been awarded as one of the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad by Clutch. 

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Google Ads, PPC Management Services, Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management, Web design services, and Local SEO.

Founder: Santosh Reddy K, Manik Kumar Mandal

Contact: +91 8341392803



7. Infinity Reach

Infinity Reach specialises in developing compelling content strategies for forward-thinking enterprises. They have a proven track record of delivering good quality content. Infinity Reach is dedicated to assisting its clients in staying ahead of the curve and achieving their business objectives. 

Their digital marketing professionals routinely deliver exceptional results by combining creative ideas with their depth of expertise and more than ten years of experience. 

Services Offered: Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Display Marketing, Web Analytics, Content Creation, Content Marketing, and more. 

Founder: Vipul Talari

Contact: +91 08500666366



8. What’s In a Name

What’s in a Name is a Hyderabad-based integrated branding and digital marketing agency. Their goal is to make a positive difference in how companies connect with their audiences, allowing your company to reach its full potential and win more customers. Their goal is to bring about a positive change in the way companies connect with their audiences, ultimately assisting businesses in winning consumers. 

Services Offered: Brand Management, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Founder: Rajive Dhavan, Harini Prabhu

Contact: +91 9010665333



9.3DM Agency

They provide the digital help your business requires at the appropriate moment, in the right place, and across a variety of brands seeking online exposure. They use simple, relevant, and out-of-the-box strategies to position brands digitally in order to develop their identity online. They produce, publish, and distribute content that provides brands with maximum visibility and customer reach.

Services Offered:

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Web designing, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Consulting, and Strategy.


Founder: Sharath Chandra Pabbisetty, Navneeth Gowrishetty

Contact: +91 9030994366



10. The Smarketers

They work with B2B companies to collect and convert quality leads through cutting-edge account-based marketing and inbound marketing strategies. Based on comprehensive research, interaction with client SMEs, and account insights, they create highly personalised campaigns. They were awarded by ITSMA for Marketing Excellence in ABM.

Services Offered: Website Design, Lead Generation, Predictive Marketing, Content Creation and Promotion, SEO, PPC, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Growth Hacking and Marketing, Account Based Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Founder: Enoch Pakanati, Ankita Katuri

Contact: +91 7396010630



11. 8 Views

They are a business that assists brands in increasing revenue through lead generation and e-commerce. With over 100 digital specialists across creative, marketing, and technology, they have been able to provide growth to over 300+ brands.Brigade Group, GMR, L&T, Novotel, Oakridge Group of schools, Danube Home, Hetero, KIMS Hospitals, and other companies are among their clients.

Services Offered: Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Growth Hacking, and more. 

Founder: Niranjan Pagadala, Sriram Cherukuri

Contact: +91 8099708888



12. ShootOrder

ShootOrder is a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in curating plans that help you reach your target audience.Their team of seasoned specialists will collaborate with you to create a thorough plan to help you achieve your objectives and expand your business. 

They can help you get the most out of your digital marketing efforts by utilising their experience in SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and other areas. 

Services Offered: Online Marketing, SEO Services, Media Buyer, Media Planning, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, PPC Campaigns, and more.

Founder: Rajat Jain

Contact: +91 6303921512



13. Vihaan Digital Marketing

Vihaan Digital Marketing is a group of problem solvers and strategists who use innovative designs and programmes to address challenges. They are committed to assisting organisations in achieving a prominent and reputed name in their respective domains by striving for change with their 360 digital marketing services. 

They are committed to providing measurable solutions for online growth, increased brand visibility, and client loyalty.They delve into your company to understand its value and market, and then deliver tailored solutions to meet your objectives.

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimization, Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Lead Management, Graphic Designing, and more.

Contact: +91 7396033325



14.Digital Mojo

Digital Mojo is a digital marketing agency that has turned digital marketing into a strong instrument that allows businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow. Their clients have seen a 30% to 60% rise in sales in as little as ten months. 

Services Offered: Conversion Optimisation, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and more

Founder: Dhiraj Merani

Contact: +91 9908398763



15. DigitalZap 

They are a compact and adaptable team of digital enthusiasts with a thirst for tackling complicated problems. They like to think of themselves as a cross between artists and scientists, capable of unravelling technological complexities. 

They have assisted well-known businesses in exceeding their lofty objectives by implementing an integrated digital strategy based on design thinking. They provide scalable, custom digital marketing services to firms all over the world in a variety of industries by combining their creative and technical skills.

Services Offered: Digital Marketing solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, and more.

Founder: Sandeep Kumar Cherukuri

Contact: +91 7331122663



16. PurpleSyntax

Purple Syntax is a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad that digitally enables brands. They offer entire 360-degree solutions such as branding, content writing, graphic design, and web development. 

Their speciality has been Facebook applications and custom tabs that allow firms to sell and promote their items on Facebook. They are an organisation that provides a wide range of comprehensive solutions by skilled professionals based on your individual needs.

Services Offered: Digital Marketing, Branding, Web Solutions, Mobile Applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Adwords (PPC), Facebook Customs Apps, and more.

Founder: Rajesh Sukamanchi

Contact: +91 7993162207



17. DigiClues

DigiClues is a digital services company that has assisted hundreds of brands convert their business models to be internet ready. They offer a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs, including SEO, SMM, and link building, as well as content creation and social media management. 

They offer a very qualified and experienced staff of web developers, designers, social media managers, and trained digital marketers who can handle all of your business’s digital mandate requirements.

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimisation, Local SEO, and more.

Founder: Simraan Shaikh

Contact: +91 7013820442



18. ITInfo Digital 

ITinfo Digital is a full-service Digital Marketing agency in Hyderabad that uses cutting-edge digital marketing methods to assist clients to build their businesses online. They have a competitive advantage over other digital marketing organisations in the market due to their 15+ years of experience in digital marketing services. They are familiar with the subtleties of how things work in the digital world. 

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimization , SEO, Search Engine Marketing, SEM, Social Media Marketing, SMM, Social Media Optimization, SMO, and more.

Founder: Mohammed Azharuddin

Contact: +91 9959052728



19. GenY Medium 

GenY Medium is a full-service digital marketing firm that combines marketing creativity with digital science. Their team combines the three necessary abilities for success in digital marketing: customer comprehension, content production, and technological expertise. Their young staff has served several clients and managed favourable reviews in a very short period.

Services Offered: Social media strategy, Digital Media Consumer Research, Mobile Media Marketing, Social Media Content, Local Insights, Social Media Analytics, and Online Reputation Management.

Founder: Ravi Jain, Yashwant Kumar, Richa Sethia

Contact: +91 8019888314



20. Social DNA

Since its inception in 2013, Social DNA has come a long way in establishing a history in the field of Digital Marketing by fostering effective and lasting interactions between brands and their customers. They see themselves as an extension of their customers’ teams, working to achieve their objectives through finely planned tactics. 

Furthermore, they keep a close eye on trends and concentrate on technical breakthroughs that can be used to improve the brand experience. They focus on producing measurable results in all they do, from brand creation and development to digital interactive design and print layout to full motion graphics, website design, photography, and 3D visualisation.

Services Offered: Social Media Marketing, Creative Designing, SEO, Web Designing, and Online Reputation Management.

Founder: Aditya Raj Mankani

Contact: 09849561567



To summarise, Hyderabad’s digital marketing sector is brimming with skill and originality, as evidenced by the top 20 agencies highlighted in this article. Whether you’re a startup looking for a strategic boost or an established company trying to dominate the online landscape, these companies provide a varied variety of skills and unique techniques to help you reach your digital marketing objectives.

Among the finest possibilities, one agency stands out above the rest: Itzfizz Digital. They bring a unique combination of creativity, strategic thought, and technological prowess to the table, ensuring that your brand not only resonates with your target demographic but also produces tangible results.

Choosing Itzfizz implies collaborating with a team of devoted specialists who are passionate about assisting your brand’s digital growth. So, if you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, Itzfizz should be your first thought. Contact them today to realise the full potential of your business in Hyderabad’s ever-expanding digital ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

What can a digital marketing agency do for your company?

A digital marketing agency can work wonders for your company's online growth and success. Their skills can have a big impact on everything from enhancing brand awareness and generating targeted traffic to driving lead generation and increasing conversions.

How can digital marketing help in building brand awareness?

Social media platforms, content marketing initiatives, influencer relationships, and online advertising campaigns are powerful tools for improving brand visibility and reaching a larger audience. Brand authority, recognition, and trust can be established within the target audience through consistent branding, interesting content, and active engagement in relevant online forums and industry debates

Does digital marketing work for all businesses?

Yes! Whether you own a tiny local business or a large multinational corporation, digital marketing allows you to reach a larger audience, raise brand awareness, engage customers, create leads, and enhance conversions. Digital marketing can effectively drive outcomes for organisations across many sectors with strategic planning, customised campaigns, and continual optimisation, making it a versatile and necessary tool in today's competitive marketplace.
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