Guest Blogging Guidelines

Are you a writer or blogger with a keen interest or expertise in digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, best practices or topics which can help companies with their growth?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place to share content that educates users about digital marketing.

We at Itzfizz digital are constantly trying to find enthusiastic content writers who have expertise with a passion & expertise in digital marketing & growth.

If that describes you then send us your content and if we love your content, we’ll share it across on our website.

Table of Contents

Themes and topics

We accept posts from bloggers or authors as long as their content is in line with the below themes or topics:


1. Conversational Marketing

2. Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

3. Influencer Marketing

4. Social Media & Branding

5. Growth Hacking

6. Micro Moments

7. Omni Channel Marketing

8. Marketing & XR (Extended Reality)

9‍. SEO Hacks


1. Return on Investment for Various Digital Marketing Strategies

2. Social Media Strategies for E-commerce Stores

3. Comparison of Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

4. SEO Updates for Noobs

5. Examining the response of consumers to digital marketing

We are open to more suggestions as well.

If you’re thinking of blogging with us and brainstorming on ideas, here are a couple of questions you ought to ask yourself:

a. Is it suitable for our audience at itzfizz?

b. Can the target audience find solutions to their problems?

c. Do I even have the proper experience, expertise or qualifications on this topic?

d. What value does your content bring for our audience?

c. Is your content unique? As we know that Google hates plagiarism?

If you’re still confused? Drop us an email at

Writing tips for guest bloggers

The Itzfizz guest blogging initiative has been structured in a way to share the type of content that engages our readers & answers their queries. Our goal is to educate our audience about new technologies, best practices, theories, growth hacks and expert opinions which will enhance business growth

Disclaimer: We don’t guest blog for any type of product promotions.  

Today, people value authentic and genuine content over fancy sales pitches’.

Here are some tips to assist you to write better content for our target audience. 

  1. Posts must be 2000+ words in length, at the minimum.
  2. Structure your content, break it down into small paragraphs making it ideal for the readers.
  3. Use conversational tones: Talk to users, content written in the first person tends to perform better.
  4. It’s either original or nothing. We strictly do not accept any plagiarized content
  5. Validate the claims. If you are mentioning any statistics please share the source
  6. Share your experiences: If you’ve conducted any experiment, we encourage you to share them.
  7. Agree or disagree: Take a stand & voice out your opinion. Don’t beat around the brush, strong opinions make a difference.
  8. Add Value to Readers: Remember you’re writing content that helps people learn. If you’re not adding any value it’s not going to get the attention it deserves. 

Important Note & Disclaimer: Itzfizz reserves the right to edit and modify your guest blogging submissions as could also be deemed necessary to make them suitable for our readers. If the above guidelines are followed, we are less likely to make any major edits.

How To Get Started.

  • You can drop us an email at with a topic or theme of your choice.
  • In this email, you will need to fill out the following

1. Full name (Name of the author)

2. Blog link (google docs – make sure its an edit link)

3.A nice picture of yourself

4. A small description about you

5. Website link or Linkedin Profile (This is for credibility)

Note: Freedom to re-publish after itzfizz is permitted but the content must carry the caveat ‘first published on’

Generally, we don’t provide do-follow backlinks on guest blogs. However, if the content on your backlink has relevancy to the content of the blog post you’ve submitted and added value to the content, we may consider the same.

In most cases, we do provide a no-follow backlink, subject to relevancy and value provided by the content on the link.

Additionally, there is a limit of two external backlinks per blog post.

The approval process of backlinks is left up to the editorial team at itzfizz based on the guidelines & best industry practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

How do I submit my guest blog

As mentioned above you need to add your blog on Google Docs & submit all the details by dropping a mail to

Can I add backlinks to my website?

Yes, but approval for the same is left is left up to the editorial team, the general conditions are mentioned above.

How long does the blog take to be uploaded?

Generally, we connect back with you for first round of edit, post which your blog is reviewed, edited & posted to our website within 7 working days.
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