Top 10 Best SEO Tools for Marketers (100% Free)

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Top 10 Best SEO Tools for Marketers (100% Free)

Almost every third household around the globe now has access to basic internet facility, with an increase in the number of smartphone users in recent years it’s now easier to surf on the internet and purchase & sell products and services online.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has gained a lot of importance in today’s world. The need to rank on Google has lead SEO experts around the world to develop excellent tools which can help you build websites that rank on page 1.

What Are SEO Tools?

SEO tools provide information about SEO health, SEO reports, and other metrics, so you can make necessary changes that can help you perform better on Google SERPs.

SEO Tools also assist in discovering opportunities and identify multiple SEO issues that might prevent your website from ranking.

Here is the list of my favorite top 10 best SEO tools to help you rank on Google.

Here is the list of my favorite top 10 best SEO tools to help you rank on Google.

1.  Google Analytics:  

One of the most popular tools used by all digital marketers for content monitoring is Google Analytics. It is a well-known and must-have tool for almost all kind of websites.

Google Analytics can help you understand and learn about your customers’ behaviour, habits, and perception of the offerings you mention across your website.

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that works well with other Google products, like Data Studio, Optimize, and Search Console. With the list of multiple offerings, you can draw a comprehensive list of who your audience is and what their needs are.

This SEO tool even provides you with a lot of data about your website to increase your organic traffic. You can get the number of site visitors, traffic sources, and their demographics like age, gender, city, country, etc.

This analytics tool has a very nice feature that it automatically collects the data and allows you to download the data into Doc file or spreadsheets.

Event tracking is also a useful feature of Google Analytics. Events refer to user interaction with the content present on the websites. So, with event tracking, you can effortlessly track user engagement.

Google Analytics also allows you to create and manage goals. A goal represents a completed action or activity. It can be used to measure how often users complete a specific action. 

For example, a goal can include submitting an online contact form for a marketing site. Goals help in evaluating how well your site is achieving its objectives

2. Data Studio:

Google Data Studio helps in visualizing and integrating data from Google’s suite of tools such as Google Search Console, Google Sheets, Adwords, And Google Analytics.

Data Studio is a free tool for SEO. It makes your data into informative, easy-to-understand, and customizable dashboards and reports.

You can take a big chunk of data and convert them into visuals, using line and bar graphs, pie charts, tables, etc. You can also customize the logos and add images.

With Data Studio, you can also easily customize data from a wide variety of sources, without programming knowledge.

Google Data Studio is a helpful tool for online marketers. This SEO tool makes it seamlessly easy to present complex and hard data to clients.

In Data Studio you also get the power to decide who can access your reports. You can grant rights to individuals and groups through which they can edit or view your reports.

3. Keyword Planner:

The Keyword Planner can help you in exploring popular keywords related to your business. You can perform keyword research and select the right terms for your content.

The keyword research tool provides you with a list of keywords that are often searched. This minimizes the massive list of keywords and helps you in keeping a note of relevant keywords to use.

The Keyword planner besides giving you information on single keywords, also tells you their monthly search volume and CPC (Cost per click).

There are also other keyword tools like Kwfinder to help you find long-tail keywords and track your business’ search ranking on Google.

4. Answer The Public:

AnswerThePublic is a nifty tool that keeps an update of valuable questions people ask online. Digital Marketers can get raw search insights directly from the customers and improve their SEO score.

AnswerThePublic’s key feature is to autocomplete data from search engines like Google. Then quickly puts out every relevant phrase and question people have asked around that particular keyword.

Answer the Public also provides target keyword suggestions using prepositions.

You can discover unexpected insights and unseen niches that can boost your website’s organic search.

It is considered one of the best SEO software that can help you in creating better content that people will like and share.

5. Google Search Console:

Google Search Console ( previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a collection of tools and reports that help web marketers, SEOs and Digital Marketers measure their site’s search traffic and monitor their websites’ performance in the Google search results.

Google Search Console is an excellent tool that lets you check and fix technical issues on your websites. You can even track keyword rankings in Search Console.

The Search console tool also has the function of submitting sitemaps. A sitemap is the blueprint of your website. It helps search engines find, crawl, and index all the content present on your website. Sitemaps also tell search engines which pages on your website hold the utmost importance.

Through Google Search Console, you can also learn how to optimize your search appearance on Google.

6. Backlink Analysis Tool:

For Search Engines, links act as an indicator of a site’s authority. Therefore, building links is crucial for SEO.

A backlink analysis tool works like a link checker. It shows you all of the links that search engines take into consideration and gives you information about your site’s ability to rank well in search engine results.

Backlink analysis can also help you in identifying bad links and links that are unnatural.

However, backlink analysis isn’t only restricted to your site. You can also analyze your competitors’ sites. This would help you in understanding how difficult it will be to outrank competitors.

This SEO tool also shows you potential link opportunities and can give you ideas for your link structure strategies.

7. UberSuggest:

UberSuggest is a free SEO tool highly used for content optimization. It is one of the best keyword research tools which can make your keyword search easier.

Here you can search for numerous keywords for your blog and website. Not only that, you can even get an extensive list of keyword suggestions from UberSuggest.

This excellent tool has an extremely friendly user interface. It provides you with suggestions for primary and secondary keywords.

It proves to be a perfect tool for bloggers, SEO specialists, SEO Copywriters, and online marketers. It serves the purpose of providing a list of long-tail keywords to raise the organic ranking of your websites.

Also, it’s a helpful tool for competitive analysis monitoring your site, research for backlinks and provides ideas on what kind of content you should be creating.

8. Link Explorer:

Link Explorer is the world’s best backlink checker providing over 40 trillion links (Source: This free SEO tool provides basic link metrics to analyze your link profile.

The Link Explorer monitors your backlinks, most valuable pages, anchor texts, and linking domains. This can help you in building high-quality links to operate better in the market.

With Link Explorer, you can form a better strategic approach to link building. Through Link Explorer, you can get complete link metrics for any website, including their page authority and domain authority.

This premium tool offers you to create multiple link tracking lists with targeted URLs of your choice. This can be extremely useful when you are targeting a specific type of link or links from a specific domain.

This tool can easily locate and fix broken links to your website. You can also check the spam score of backlinks. Spam score indicates the percentage of sites having similar features that have been banned or penalized by Google. Thus, Link Explorer decreases the number of spammy backlinks referring to your site and increases the number of quality links.

9. LSI Graph:

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is a great tool that is used for advanced content optimization.

LSI keywords are similar words that are usually found together within a piece of content and which are semantically related to each other. Making it simpler, these are the keywords that you should add to your content to give search engines a better understanding of your content.

LSI Graph is a free LSI Keyword research tool. It has been designed to assist you in identifying the related search terms with reference to your target keyword.

This method uses mathematical techniques to determine the relationship between words and concepts used in your content.

When you are provided with a long list of potential LSI keywords, you tend to use as many as possible. But when you use these LSI keywords in the right way, your SERP score increases.

10. Ahrefs toolbar:

Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar allows you to get important SEO data related to the pages and websites you visit. This is one of the most well-structured SEO and social media marketing suites.

Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar checks the broken links, highlights nofollow links, and identifies redirect chains.

With the usage of this tool, you can locate all outbound links on a page in just one click. The Internal links and external links are highlighted in different colours for easy assessment of link-building opportunities.

It also offers you :

  • Instant SEO metrics for all the sites and pages you visit.
  • Keyword metrics, to find search volume and keyword difficulty, directly in SERP.

There are many other free SEO tools such as the ones mentioned above that are available online to help you.

These tools help in optimizing your web content by analyzing content for keywords, backlinks, and other SEO factors.

Additionally these SEO tools are extremely beneficial in boosting up your organic ranking and thereby expanding your business outreach!

Hey, I hope I was able to give you a quick overview on the different SEO Tools.

Additionally here is a guide on SEO and how to get started in 2023

Which of these would like to try out first? Did I miss anything you were looking for?

If have any questions mention down in the comments below

Also, feel free to let me know your takeaways in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

What are SEO tools?

Search Engine Optimization tools provide you with data about the overall health and success of your website so that you can make necessary changes to your website that will help you perform better on Google SERPs.

How do SEO tools work?

SEO tools provide you with information on keywords, backlinks, and insights about the competition available on the search to improve your websites Rankings on SERP.

Can I teach myself SEO?

Yes! To learn SEO you don't have to be an SEO expert or specialist. There are various online resources from where you can learn SEO. If you follow a step-by-step structured learning approach (learning plan), everything will start to make sense and the whole process of learning will become easier

Which are the best SEO tools for a beginner?

Some of the best tools for a beginner are :
1. SEMrush
2. Google Search Console
3. Pagespeed Insights
4. Google Trends

What is SEO analysis?

SEO analysis is the process in which a critical examination of a website is performed to have a better understanding of how well a website has been optimized.
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