Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies in India To Maximise Your Online Impact

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Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies in India To Maximise Your Online Impact

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. What is the Significance of Digital Marketing?
  3. Choosing the Right Agency
  4. Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies in India
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

In search of top-notch Indian digital marketing agencies? You’ve landed in the best possible spot! In this article, we present a list of the 25 best digital marketing agencies in India, each of which is well-known for its excellent work throughout the country.

First, though, let’s take a step back and consider why digital marketing firms are so important to organisations.

The days of relying solely on old marketing methods are over. The rise of digital marketing as a significant industry trend necessitates allocating substantial time and money to achieve desirable outcomes. 

To keep up with the rapid changes in this field, it’s no surprise that many businesses now have their own in-house digital marketing teams. If you want to learn more about the possibilities and reach of digital marketing, read on!

However, not every company is eager to establish an internal digital marketing team, especially with the plethora of specialised companies capable of producing excellent outcomes. If you hire a digital marketing agency, you won’t have to lift a finger to make your objectives a reality.

However, Having a team member or two who is proficient in digital marketing is a must. This way, you can be assured that the establishment you hire will help you achieve your goals without resorting to dishonesty. 

Our list of the top 25 digital marketing agencies in India should help you find the right fit for your company’s marketing needs, no matter how big or little. With the help of these top-league companies, your online website is sure to soar.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the process of building consumer awareness of a brand through the use of electronic media. Not only do these channels include social media, and online advertisements, but they also encompass text and multimedia messaging.

Simply put, a marketing campaign is considered digital if it makes use of digital channels of communication.

What is the Significance of Digital Marketing?

i) Low Cost

In order to achieve their long-term marketing goals, businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money. This makes digital marketing a popular option because of its low cost and high effectiveness. 

ii) Flexibility

Different marketing campaigns can be created and executed for different types of customer segments, giving digital marketers more leeway than their counterparts in traditional marketing. In addition, distinct objectives can be developed for separate marketing campaigns to meet the needs of diverse subsets of the target market.

iii) Multimedia

When it comes to digital marketing, the possibilities are practically endless. Products sold in this industry are promoted using various multimedia platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are all used as part of a social media content strategy. 

One such growing strategy is location-enabled digital marketing, in which customers receive push notifications about your store whenever they are in close proximity to your store.

iv) Tracking

Digital marketing enables effective tracking of performance and KPIs in addition to providing adaptable campaign and promotion options. Google Analytics provides data that can help digital marketers make more informed choices.

v) Authority

With digital marketing, businesses no longer need to rely on external agencies to handle their marketing needs. With the rise of digital marketing, business owners and managers are able to assume full responsibility for the success or failure of their campaigns.

Choosing the Right Agency

Knowledge and Experience:

Analyse the agency’s level of digital marketing knowledge and experience. The top digital marketing agencies in India typically have extensive experience running successful campaigns that yield measurable outcomes.

Range of Services

Think about what kinds of services the organisation provides. Make sure they offer services like search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing (CM), influencer marketing (IM), and social media marketing (SMM)  that help you achieve your business objectives.


Check the agency’s portfolio of clients and the sectors they’ve worked in to see if you want to hire them. The agency’s flexibility and ability to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses are reflected in the diversity of its clientele.

Honours and Awards

Find a company that has been recognised for their outstanding service by looking at their awards and recognitions. This demonstrates their status as a leader in the field and their capability to give effective strategies for digital advertising.


Research the agency’s reputation in the business by reading online reviews, and case studies from satisfied customers. A solid reputation speaks volumes about an organisation’s responsibility, and productivity.

Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

1) Itzfizz Digital 

Itzfizz Digital is one of India’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies. The company specialises in aiding businesses in improving their online presence and creating long-term growth strategies. They’re leaders in their field and are devoted to helping businesses of all sizes, regardless of their size. They cater to clients from cities all across India like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc.

They are a well-established agency, having successfully completed over 250 assignments. Their team has helped over 200 happy clients by developing stunning websites, writing compelling content, promoting their businesses on social media, shooting and editing high-quality films and images, and creating strong brand identities. 

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimisation, User Interface, UI/UX, Website Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Performance Marketing, 3D Illustrations, Animation and Logo, Branding, etc.

Founder: Mohammed Faizan N

Contact: +91 7338376454


Itzfizz Clientele

2) WATConsult 

WATConsult is a hybrid digital firm that has won over 350 accolades, has 140 clients, and has over 400 workers across its offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Since its inception in January 2007, WATConsult has served more than 600 clients throughout India. 

As a result, WATConsult now has the expertise to steer many businesses toward successful brand-building through digital channels. Companies like Tata, Godrej, Mahindra, Bajaj, Reliance, and more are among our clientele. As of January 2015, WATConsult is a division of Dentsu International. They are an eclectic bunch who are really invested in the future of technology and are motivated by new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Services Offered: Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Online PR, Social media audit, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Development, SEO, SEM, Video, Programmatic Buying, and Media Planning

Founder: Rajiv Dingra

Contact: 1800-120-409409


3) Webchutney 

Webchutney is a digital marketing agency that is part of the DAN group. With a long roster of high-profile clients and impressive results, this digital marketing agency is among the best in India. 

It’s an organization that successfully marries innovation with cutting-edge technology. With more than 190 outstanding professionals and 300+ awards and accolades, Webchutney is an excellent marketing business for all your demands.

Services Offered: Advertising, Communications, Communications Design, Digital Marketing, Creative Technology, Strategy, Product Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Digital Media

Founder: Sidharth Rao

Contact: 098867 33833


4) Rankz

Founded in 2013, RankZ is a multinational SEO firm with headquarters in Bangalore, India. Their speciality is taking apart your rivals and fixing the technical flaws that have prevented you from climbing to the top of the search engines.

They are masters in developing strategies and then carrying them out. They have been assisting small businesses, medium-sized companies, and even large corporations with their web marketing for almost ten years now.

Services Offered: SEO, Link Building, Outsourced SEO, Blogger Outreach, Infographics Design, Infographics Promotion, and Digital Marketing

Founder: Subhash Choudhary, Kaustub Pandey, Sumit Shah

Contact: 8104515596


5) iProspect 

iProspect is a Dentsu company that operates as a digital-first, full-service media agency all over the world. It defines the next frontier of performance-driven brand building with its unparalleled blend of media strategy and storytelling, digital expertise, and audience intelligence. 

Their team consists of more than 8,000 media and performance experts in 93 different countries. iProspect helps the likes of Sonos, Cox, LG, Hilton, Levi’s, Budweiser, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble expand their businesses by providing customer-focused solutions. 

Services Offered: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search Advertising, Online Display Advertising Management, Paid Inclusion Management, Shopping Feed Management, and more.

Founder: Fredrick Marckini

Contact: +91 080 3097 3840


6) Social Beat

Social Beat is a trusted digital growth partner for fast-growing startups and established brands. They are India’s fastest-growing independent digital marketing solutions company, with a staff of 300+ digital experts spread across Bengaluru, Mumbai, NCR, and Chennai. They combine innovative thinking with performance advertising to maximise both growth and return on investment. 

Their clients include Bharat Matrimony, Jaquar, Tata Cliq, Indiabulls Dhani, Tata Consumer Products, Mahindra Finance, Hotstar, etc. They have been recognised as one of the fastest growing agencies by Agency Reporter and have won accolades from Google, ET Brand Equity, Foxglove, Digies, etc.

Services Offered: Digital Advertising, Integrated Digital Marketing, Digital Media Buying, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing

Founder: Suneil Chawla, Vikas Chawla

Contact: 8268157925


7) Interactive Avenues

Interactive Avenues is India’s top digital marketing agency, with offices in Mumbai (the main office), Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. They have a wide variety of experts in many fields working together under one roof to provide state-of-the-art services in a number of different areas, such as Media, Programmatic, Data & Analytics, E-Commerce, Paid Search, Social Media, SEO, ORM, Creative, and Web Development. 

Over a hundred different businesses are among their satisfied customers. ITC, Kellogg’s, Jockey, Sony, Amazon, and many other well-known companies are among their clientele. Over the past three years, they’ve won over two hundred and fifty awards. 

Services Offered: Digital Strategy, Creative, Media planning, Media buying, Campaign management, Search, SEM, PPC, SEO, ORM, SMO, Web Design, Web Development, and more.

Founder: Amardeep Singh

Contact: (022) 62645000 – Mumbai


8) Pinstorm

When it comes to digital marketing, Pinstorm is a leading contender in India. It is a one-stop shop that is widely acknowledged as an industry pioneer in the field of content promotion. It was also an early adopter of pay-per-performance advertising models. According to Pinstorm, businesses nowadays need to completely revamp their strategies and practices if they want to remain competitive.

Services Offered: Digital Marketing, Brand management, SEO, Viral Marketing, Integrated Advertising, Pay for Performance, SEM, Social Media, Advertising, App Development, strategy, and More.

Founder: Mahesh Murthy

Contact: +91 22 2648 8853 – Mumbai


9) Mirum

The digital media agency Mirum is among the best in the industry. They were purchased by WPP / Wunderman Thompson in 2014. They’ve grown to a staff of 300+ and now serve clients all around India and beyond. For the ground-breaking work they’ve done for their clients, they’ve won over a hundred national and international honours, including a Cannes, a Shorty, and an Effie.

Mirum encourages growth and new ideas through its laid-back environment. They put in long hours but also have a good time doing it. 

Services Offered: Digital Communication, Digital Media Planning and Buying, Website, App Development, Social Media Listening, Marketing Automation, Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Digital Marketing, Creative Studio, and more.

Founder: Hareesh Tibrewala, Sanjay Mehta 

Contact: 02249662000


10) iQuanti

iQuanti, Inc. was established to fulfill the potential of effective digital marketing. They stand out from the competition thanks to innovative analytics, a robust proprietary toolkit, and a track record of success. Ninety percent of their staff has expertise in both digital marketing and data science or engineering. There are hundreds of people working for them between their New York, London, Toronto, Mexico City, and Bangalore offices.

Services Offered: Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Analytics, Mobile Optimization, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Paid Search (PPC), Web & Mobile Development

Founder: Vish Sastry Rachakonda

Contact: (201) 633-2125 


11) Social Kinnect

In just a few short years, Kinnect has expanded tremendously, becoming one of India’s most successful digital agencies. They have a firm grasp on modern consumer trends and use the potential of digital media to craft persuasive messages for their commercial clients.

The agency’s extraordinary success has been recognised with a number of awards, including multiple “Digital Agency of the Year” awards in India and worldwide recognition for its creative work across a variety of award properties, including the Cannes Lions, Clio, and Spikes Asia.

Services Offered: Brand Strategy, Creative Services, Social Media Management, Influencer Outreach, Video Production, etc.

Founder: Chandni Shah

Contact: 022-66331170


12) Foxymoron

FoxyMoron is an industry-leading creative and performance digital agency. Founded in 2008, FoxyMoron is a digital marketing agency that helps companies create brands that can thrive in the digital era by combining content, technology, and media with evidence-based strategies and methods. 

The multi-award winning agency has offices in Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru, and its clients include L’Oreal, Netflix, Colgate, Amazon India, Burger King, IKEA, DS Group, SanDisk, OBL Tiles, Hershey’s Group, Manyavar, ABC India, Turner International DAMAC, PMF, Sharekhan.

FoxyMoron is one of the several brand agencies in the Zoo Media family, including The Rabbit Hole, Pollen, DoyenOink Consulting, Mammoth Media, and Noesis. Tech. 

Services Offered: Social Media Marketing, Media Buying & Planning, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations, Website Development, Video Production, Influencer Marketing, Performance Marketing

Founder: Pratik Gupta

Contact: +912266065555


13) Adsyndicate 

Adsyndicate is an industry-leading, full-service communications firm that represents a diverse roster of blue-chip customers across India. Since 1997, they’ve been helping their clients expand their operations. They use traditional, nontraditional, and unconventional methods to build brands and establish a place for them in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Media strategy, online promotion, event production, brand administration, ad buying, and AV production are all areas that they are really interested in. Banking, consumer electronics, education, fashion, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare, information technology, real estate, tourism, etc. are some of the industries they work with.

Services Offered: Strategic Creative Consultancy, Media Planning and Buying, Events & Activation, Digital Advertising, Public Relations, and Consulting, Audio Visuals- Concepts and Execution, and more.

Contact: 8867301115


14) NineHertz

In the field of information technology, NineHertz is well-known for its innovative Mobile App and Web Development Services. They’ve been around since 2008, and in that span, they’ve successfully delivered over a thousand apps across iOS, Android, and the Web.

Their development cycle is carefully planned with the client in mind. They are in constant communication with their clients during the development process to ensure that they always produce a precise product.

They’ve got over 450 satisfied customers from over 15 different nations. Over eighty-five percent of NineHertz’s customers return for more services because of the quality of the relationships they’ve built with the company over the years. 

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iPhone & iPad App Development, Enterprise Mobile Design & Development, Cross-platform mobile app development, UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design & Development, and more.

Founder: Narendra Chauhan

Contact: +91-9079882533


15) BC Webwise

When it comes to online marketing, BC Web Wise Pvt. Limited (BCWW) has you covered from every angle. They provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services to meet the needs of companies in the digital marketplace by using the expertise of diverse teams.

Their services cover the entire spectrum, from website and content creation to online marketing, social media, and search marketing, media planning and buying, video and animation production, and more.

Services Offered: Web Marketing: Strategy, Design, Management

Mobile Marketing: Strategy, Design, Management, Media: Social Media & Search Marketing, Media Buying & Planning

Branding: Strategy, Identity Design including Logo & related materials.

Founder: Chaaya Baradhwaaj

Contact: +91-22-67674000


16) Social Panga

They provide complete digital marketing and design solutions for businesses. They don’t just offer one service as most firms do; instead, they help you develop an understanding of your brand and a comprehensive plan for promoting it both online and offline. 

Unconventional, fearless, and shameless best describe their marketing strategy. You won’t find any standard marketing services here; instead, they take pleasure in innovative and original campaigns that will set your business apart from the competition.

Services Offered: Media Planning and Buying, Analytics & SEO, Branding, Marketing Communications, Mobile & Website User Experience and Interface, etc.

Founder: Himanshu Arora, Gaurav Arora

Contact: 099860 68516


17) Pulp Strategy

Pulp Strategy is a full-service interactive, digital communications and technology agency that uses creative storytelling to solve problems and integrate that into data-driven, high-impact marketing campaigns in the modern, digitally-humanized world. 

They help their customers by developing and executing strategies that solve the most pressing problems in brand marketing, with an emphasis on fostering long-term, transformational relationships with consumers. Their staff of 140 strategists consists of highly successful individuals that bring invaluable knowledge to the company.

Services Offered: Web & Mobile Apps, Digital & Social Media services, Marketing Strategy & Communication Planning,, Brand Activation, Program Design & management

Founder: Ambika Sharma

Contact: 011 4900 4000 – Delhi


18) Alivenow

AliveNow is an international creative tech studio that produces cutting-edge AR/VR/XR/AI/branded games/interactive videos and more. Since their inception in 2009, they have worked with over 600 brands and 250 agencies throughout the world. Their official augmented reality partners include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, 8th Wall, and TikTok.

Services Offered: Messenger Chatbots, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Newsfeed SmartApps, Facebook Marketing, Virtual Reality, Website Development, Chatbot Development, Snapchat Lenses, Augmented Reality, AR Development, Marketing Technology, and more

Founder: Advith Dhuddu

Contact: +44 2030950400


19) ARM Worldwide

#ARM Worldwide was founded in 2013, and since then it has become a leading digital advertising and marketing communications agency focused on helping customers create and execute comprehensive digital strategies across earned, paid, and owned media. 

With a group of strategy specialists and creative professionals,  they are able to effectively establish key performance indicators, establish targets, and implement novel campaigns. Not only does #ARM Worldwide provide constant dedication to their clients, but they also have valuable collaborations with a variety of well-known platforms like Google, HubSpot, Leadsquared, and Microsoft Advertising Partner. 

The company has won accolades for the work they’ve done for clients like Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card, MTV Roadies Season 18, Dabur Hajmola Amla Candy, MTV LaLiga, Bajaj Finserv App Install, MTV Meme Stars, and more.

Services Offered: Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Strategy, Consulting & Management, Websites & Online Products, Online Reputation Management, Blogger Relationship Program, and more.

Founder: Manas Gulati

Contact: +91 124 4552433 – Haryana


20) GoZoop

Gozoop is a full-service marketing agency that has been helping companies and brands with their strategic needs since its founding in October 2008. Gozoop’s expertise lies in the development of comprehensive solutions that aid brands and businesses in succeeding in the modern world through a platform-agnostic strategy and an efficient blend of creative and technological services.

Over the years, Gozoop’s team of more than 150 marketers has collaborated with notable and award-winning companies including Dell, Asian Paints, Taj Hotels, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Star Bharat, Pizza Express, Club Mahindra, Viacom18, Mad Over Donuts, ITC, and many more.

Services Offered: Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Web Design, and Development, Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Commerce

Founder: Ahmed Aftab Naqvi, Rohan Bhansali, Dushyant Bhatia

Contact: 022  6194 3200 – Mumbai


21) WeBenza

 At Webenza they create brands, promote them, and act as their spokesperson. 

Their strengths originate from the unique blend of experience and perspective provided by their carefully selected team members. The one thing they all have in common is a strong desire to be the best at what they do.

They use a unique combination of technological know-how, creative thinking, and social media analytics to make things happen. They take great pride in going above and beyond for their clients since they like what they do so much. 

Their clientele includes industry giants like Schneider Electric and the Royal Family of Baroda as well as startups like Inventure Academy and Angel Prime, etc.

Services Offered: Digital Marketing, Social Media Management & Analytics, Mobile/Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and more.

Founder: Puneet Pahuja

Contact: 080 2521 0083 – Bengaluru


22) Langoor 

Helping organisations succeed in today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape, Langoor is a digital transformation agency powered by Creative Technologists. By taking a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey, they are able to provide highly tailored, comprehensive marketing strategies and solutions that have a far-reaching effect. 

By taking a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey, they are able to provide highly tailored, comprehensive marketing strategies and solutions that have a far-reaching effect.

Services Offered: Visual Design & Communications, Web Design & Development, Campaign Strategy & Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics & Social Analytics, and more.

Founder: Ruchir Punjabi

Contact: 080 4220 1328


23) GrowthHackers Digital

They are a cutting-edge performance marketing agency that is enthusiastic about solving the short and long-term expansion problems of well-funded startups and multinational corporations. Numerous businesses have benefited from their knowledge and skills in Organic Growth, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and Improving CAC & ROAS.

Services Offered: SEO, CRO, Marketing Automation , Content Marketing, PPC, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy Consulting, Digital Transformation, Digital Consulting, etc.

Contact: +91 7353913333


24) ROI Minds

Over the past year, ROI Minds has helped its clients earn over $250 million from paid advertising on Google and Facebook. They assist established online retailers and lead generation accounts in expanding their operations and increasing their profits. ROI Minds has established unique paid advertising tactics over time that have proven to yield excellent results for their customers.

Services Offered: Google adwords, Google analytics, Digital Marketing, sales funnel, facebook ads, social media marketing, content marketing, landing page optimization, media buying, native ads, clickfunnels, Lead Generation, ecommerce advertising, Mobile Ads, and more.

Founder: Sandeep Kumar

Contact: 9992819636


25) ShootOrder

If you’re looking for a comprehensive digital marketing agency that can help you reach your target audience and increase your return on investment, go no further than ShootOrder. Their team of seasoned experts will collaborate with you to create a strategic strategy for achieving your objectives and expanding your organisation. 

Their knowledge of search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content promotion, and other digital marketing strategies will help you maximise your ROI.

Services Offered: Online Marketing, SEO Services, Media Buyer, Media Planning, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, PPC Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, inbound marketing, and more.

Founder: Rajat Jain

Contact: +91-630-392-1512



Having looked at the best 25 digital marketing agencies in India, we can say that they all have their own specialties and advantages. Selecting the best agency for your company’s needs can be a game-changer, catapulting your brand to uncharted heights in the digital sphere.

Itzfizz Digital is one of these exceptional firms that stand out from the others. They have established themselves as a formidable player in the field of digital marketing because of their remarkable knowledge and success rate.

What makes Itzfizz Digital special? First of all, they have a team of skilled individuals with an in-depth knowledge of the dynamic digital market. They have a keen eye on what’s new, so you can rest assured that your product will always be cutting edge.

Itzfizz Digital treats each project as an individual, developing individualised methods to meet your specific needs. They are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, and they always go the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Believe us when we say that our track record of satisfied customers speaks for itself. 

So, Itzfizz Digital should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for a digital marketing agency that combines creativity, knowledge, and a drive for results. 

You can put your faith in them to expand the reach of your brand and realise its full potential in the digital world.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in your city, here is a list to help you get started:

  1.  Digital marketing agencies in Bengaluru
  2. Digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad
  3. Digital marketing agencies in Pune
  4. Digital marketing agencies in Ahmedabad
  5. Digital marketing agencies in Delhi
  6. Digital marketing agencies in Mumbai
  7.  Digital marketing agencies in Kolkata
  8.  Digital marketing agencies in Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Do I have to give up control of my digital marketing efforts if I work with an agency?

You don't have to let go totally while working with a digital marketing agency. Your help is crucial to the campaigns' success. Work together with the agency, offer input, and coordinate your business objectives. Request updates and reports frequently to keep up with the techniques being implemented. Working together like this makes sure the agency is focused on the same things you are.

How can I evaluate the performance of my online advertising campaigns?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) that are in line with corporate objectives can be tracked to gauge the success of digital marketing efforts. Website visits, sales, shares, likes, clicks, and returns on investment are all examples of typical metrics.

Can I expect to see benefits from my digital marketing campaigns right away?

The answer to this question depends on a number of variables, including your industry, your competition, the techniques you choose, and the experience level of the digital marketing agency you work with. Understanding that digital marketing is an iterative process and having reasonable expectations is essential.
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