Instagram SEO – A Guide on How to Get Started

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Instagram SEO - A guide on how to get started

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Instagram SEO?
  2. Why optimise for Instagram?
  3. What makes Instagram SEO Different?
  4. Instagram SEO ranking factors
  5. How to optimise for your Instagram
  6. Instagram SEO tools
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram has grown from a simple photo-sharing app to a sophisticated marketing platform that is used by businesses of all sizes to connect with their target audiences and promote & sell their products or services.

Still, with so much content being shared on the platform, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out and attract new followers. In today’s world, where attention spans are shorter and scrolling has come a habit, how can you make sure your Instagram profile stands out from the crowd? 

This is where Instagram SEO comes in! Just like other search engines like Google and Bing, Instagram uses an algorithm to prioritise the content that users want to see. 

In this detailed blog, we will explore Instagram SEO and give you practical advice on how to get started. Let’s learn the secrets to making your profile stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of your ideal guests.

What is Instagram SEO?

How awesome would it be if, when people do an Instagram search for products related to your company, your company’s profile is the first one to come up? This is the goal of Instagram SEO.

Instagram SEO is the practice of maximising your profile’s visibility and engagement of your content in order to grow your following.

It involves a number of different techniques, such as tweaking your profile to include the right keywords, strategically putting hashtags, interacting with your audience, and producing high-quality material that they will engage with.

Why optimise for Instagram?

Stand out in the crowd: In an ocean of Instagram posts, commentary, and likes, yours has a better chance of getting noticed by your intended audience if you take the time to optimise your profile.

Increase visibility: Boost your profile’s visibility by learning Instagram’s algorithm and strategically optimising your profile to attract further people interested in your content.

Boost your brand: Strengthen your brand identity and enhance your capability to market your products and services or particular brand by optimising your Instagram presence.

Drive traffic to your website or blog: You can increase your website traffic by optimising your profile and content to attract visitors to your website or blog.

Measure and Analyse Results: You can optimise your Instagram profile and content by measuring and analysing your performance using Instagram’s analytics tools. This will allow you to make informed judgments about what works and what doesn’t.

What makes Instagram SEO Different?

You might be wondering, what makes Instagram SEO different from other types of SEO. Let’s explore how Instagram stands out as a unique platform:

Visual Storytelling: Beautiful pictures are Instagram’s main attraction. Instagram, in contrast to more conventional search engines, is centered on visual content such as photos and videos rather than text.

Emphasis on Hashtags: Hashtags allow users to conduct targeted searches for content related to specific subjects and interests. You can improve your content’s visibility in these search results and reach more people by using strategically placed hashtags.

User Engagement and Interaction: Instagram search engine optimisation stresses the significance of audience engagement via comments, likes, DMs, and stories. The algorithm can give your content more exposure and traffic if users interact favourably with it.

Explore Page discovery: Discovering information that is relevant to your interests is made easy using Instagram’s Explore page.  You can reach more people who might be interested in your brand by optimising your profile and content so that your posts show up on users’ Explore pages.

Instagram Algorithm: Instagram’s content visibility is determined by a complex algorithm that takes a number of criteria into account. Engagement metrics (likes, comments, and shares), content relevancy, post freshness, and user-creator relationships are all important considerations.

Mobile-centric experience: Instagram is generally used on mobile phones, therefore optimising for mobile use is essential. Instagram SEO takes into account mobile-friendly content, quick loading times, etc to offer a smooth experience and boost engagement.

Instagram SEO ranking factors

Instagram SEO ranking factors

These are the primary factors that Instagram considers when determining your content’s rank:

Engagement: Engagement is a largely valued metric by Instagram. The more attention your posts get, including likes, commentary, shares, and saves, the more likely your content will be shown to other people.

Relevance: Instagram’s primary goal is to provide people with material that they can resonate with. That’s why it’s so important to research your demographic and provide material that is interesting to them.

Time: Results usually improve when you make use of fresh content. Make sure to post regularly.

Story engagement: Instagram pays attention to the likes, views, and reactions you receive on your stories. Make sure to create engaging stories that force your viewers to interact with them.

Explore Page: If your posts are featured on Explore, they will be seen by more people and you will have a better chance of attracting new followers. Getting there is all about making material that is both excellent in quality and interesting to the people you want to show it to.

Explore Page

Hashtags: Hashtags should be used if they are popular and applicable. They aid in organizing your material and facilitating user discovery. Quality, not quantity, is what you should aim for. To target the proper people, your hashtag strategy should include both widely used and more specific terms.


How to optimise for your Instagram

How to optimise for your Instagram

Now that you have a basic understanding of Instagram SEO and its unique features, we can go on to the fun part. If you want more people to see your Instagram profile and posts, read on: 

Nail that bio

Nail that bio

Like a first impression, your bio immediately conveys to readers who you are and what you stand for. Here are some tips on how to make your bio stand out:

Keep it clear and crisp: Write a bio that captures the reader’s attention but doesn’t drag on. Get people interested in you from the get-go by emphasizing your USP or promoting your qualifications.

Showcase your brand personality: Use a tone that is natural to you and reflective of your values and personality in a conversational style. Write a bio that truly represents who you are.

Highlight your niche: Make sure to identify any specialisations or areas of expertise that help you stand out from the crowd in your profile. Make it clear to potential followers why you’re worth following and what you can offer them.

Incorporate keywords: Instagram is another platform where keywords can be used to great effect. Consider the terms people could use to find you online if they were looking for something related to your area or sector. Including these search terms in your bio can help the appropriate people find you.

Include a CTA: Is the goal for them to read your current blog article, peruse your online store, or do both? Make your point crystal clear and convince them to take action by including a strong call to action.

Use emojis wisely: Emojis are a fun and easy way to inject your personality into your bio, but use them sparingly. Only pick ones that complement your brand or message. 

Choose a memorable username

Choose a memorable username

The username is the first thing people will see when they visit your profile, so it should be compelling. A catchy username can help you stand out, convey something about your business or personality, and be easily remembered by your audience.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a username:

Simplicity is key: If you want your username to stick in people’s minds, keep it simple. Words that are difficult to spell or pronounce should be avoided. Choose a username that won’t require you to spend too much time thinking.

Reflect your brand or personality: Your username should be reflective of your brand or identity, or both. Think about adding symbols that stand for who you are. It could be your own name, the name of your specialty, or a pun based on your interests.

Be consistent: If you’re active on more than one social networking site, strive for uniformity in your approach. Keep your brand identity consistent by using the same or a similar username on all of your social media accounts.

Try to avoid numbers or symbols: Though it’s not always possible, try to avoid using a string of numbers or a lot of symbols for your username. They make it less memorable and can even look unprofessional. If you must include a number as part of your username, at least make it meaningful.

Add a unique twist: Your username will stand out more and pique people’s interest if you put some thought into making it unique.  It could be a play on words, an original phrase, or even just an inventive use of emojis.

Craft a visually stunning feed

The best way to get people interested in what you have to say is to give them something to look at. Your Instagram presence will be more unified and charming if you take the time to edit your feed. These are the following ways you can catch their attention:

Consistency is essential: Maintain consistency and uniformity in your feed. Choose a particular colour scheme, and style and make sure its the same everyrwhere.

Make a grid plan: Consider your posting approach. Do you plan to post the same kind of content consecutively or switch it up a bit? Decide your approach and stick to it.

High-quality content: The more thought you put into creating and curating high-quality content, the more impactful your results will be. Invest in good lighting, pay attention to structure, and consider using professional editing tools or apps to enhance your illustrations.

If you have any doubts regarding what designing tools to use, check out our blog on Top 20 Must-Have Design Tools to Kickstart your Online Journey.

High-quality content

Incorporate white space: If you want to produce a clean, minimalist aesthetic, incorporating white space will help. It will make your feed look neat and tidy, drawing attention to the stuff you want people to notice.

Schedule your posts: Make use of visual planning tools that show you how your posts will look on your feed before you actually post them. This allows you to make any changes if necessary and keep your feed uniform.

Use colourful patterns: Make use of grids and patterns to add some spice to your feed’s layout. You can try rotating between three different sorts of content or posting in sets of three to establish a continuous theme.

Use colourful patterns

Boost your caption game:

Boost your caption game

Instagram captions are a crucial component of your content strategy, so don’t treat them like a last-minute addition. 

Use captions as a way to put your own spin on things, tell a story, or just let your personality shine through.

You can improve your discoverability by including relevant keywords in your captions in a natural way. Consider the possible search terms used by your intended audience, and work such terms into your caption so that they sound natural. 

Captions are a great way to build rapport with your audience by imparting wisdom, encouragement, or even a little humour.

Hashtag like a pro:

Hashtag like a pro

The usage of hashtags can help you reach more people, broaden your network, and get your material seen by more people who are interested in it. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when using hashtags to their best potential:

Carefully consider your content, niche, and intended audience before deciding on the hashtags to use. You should search for hashtags that relate to your brand, your content, or the services you provide.

Combine widely used with more specialised hashtags to yield better results. Hashtags that are widely used can reach more people, but they also tend to attract more competition. However, niche hashtags allow you to reach a more targeted and actively involved audience despite their smaller size. 

Follow the number of times your hashtags are used and the amount of interaction they receive. How often a hashtag is used and how engaged the audience is can be determined with the help of tools like Instagram Insights or third-party analytics services.

If you want to increase awareness of your business, campaign, or content series, you should consider making your own branded hashtags. Hashtags associated with your brand do more than just help you stay consistent in your posting; they also inspire UGC and unite your fan base.

Don’t use the same set of hashtags over and over again in your posts. Overuse of hashtags might get you flagged as spam on Instagram and reduce your visibility. Instead, you should make many hashtag sets that may be used for various topics. 

Interact with other posts and people who are using the same hashtags you are. Engage with accounts that share your interests by liking, commenting, and following them. This mingling can open doors to future opportunities for networking, cooperation, and public recognition.

Engage with your community:

Engage with your community

The best way to make a large and devoted Instagram audience is to actively participate in the user community.  It’s not enough to simply post; you also need to engage with your audience.  It’s important to answer quickly and sincerely when your followers take the time to comment on your posts. 

One of the best ways to show your thanks for the support of your followers is to reply to their comments.

Each direct message is a chance to get to know the other person more. Respond with honesty, and do your best to offer answers that are both useful and perceptive.

When someone mentions you, it’s a sign that they like your work. Do not forget to thank the people who have mentioned you.

Use Stories and Highlights

The best way to make a large and devoted Instagram audience is to actively participate in the user community. It's not enough to simply post; you also need to engage with your audience. It's important to answer quickly and sincerely when your followers take the time to comment on your posts. One of the best ways to show your thanks for the support of your followers is to reply to their comments. Each direct message is a chance to get to know the other person more. Respond with honesty, and do your best to offer answers that are both useful and perceptive. When someone mentions you, it's a sign that they like your work. Do not forget to thank the people who have mentioned you. Use Stories and Highlights

Instagram’s stories and highlights are helpful for establishing a more genuine and intimate connection with your audience.

 Polls, questionnaires, and quizzes are great ways to get your audience involved and talk about what they think

Include links in your story to take readers to content related to your business, whether that be blogs, online stores, or your website. 

Organise your highlights by themes, topics, etc to give a viewer a sneak peek into what your business is about.

Collaborate and Cross Promote:

Collaborate and Cross Promote

Join forces with similar businesses and boost each other’s content and influence. Working with others and participating in cross-promotions can help you reach a wider audience. Both sides will receive more attention and participation as a result of this arrangement. 

Also, make sure to add your profile link to other sites to drive organic traffic to your account. For example, since Threads by Instagram has recently been launched make sure to be active on the platform and redirect traffic to your Instagram account. 

Track Your Analytics

Keeping tabs on your Instagram statistics is a must if you want to see how your content is performing, who you are reaching, and how you can improve your strategy. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Post reach and engagement: You can know the reach and engagement of your posts by checking your stats. You can find out how many people are seeing your content, how many impressions it’s making and how much interaction it’s getting in the form of likes, commentary, and shares.

Post reach and engagement

Follower Analytics: Analytics can tell you a lot about the age, gender, and location of your followers. Knowing your target demographic allows you to produce content that is relevant to them.

Follower Analytics

Best-performing content: If you look at your analytics data, you can figure out which of your posts are the most popular. Analysing these patterns will help you produce content that’s more likely to appeal to and engage your target demographic.

Best-performing content

Optimal posting times: Analytics can tell you when your followers are most likely to be online, so you can post your content accordingly. 

Story Analytics: Instagram analytics also reveal information on how well your stories perform on the platform. Views, taps, answers, and sticker interactions are some of the metrics they provide data on.

 Audience growth: The expansion of your audience can be tracked by keeping tabs on your analytics. You can learn about the tactics or types of content that are successful in gaining new followers and keeping existing ones by looking at patterns

 Audience growth

Stay Authentic: 

The most important thing you can do to succeed on Instagram, my friend, is to be genuine. Just be yourself and speak from the heart. Express yourself freely and play around with the site. Keep in mind that sincerity is what truly sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

Instagram SEO tools

There are a number of tools that can help you enhance your Instagram presence and SEO strategy. These top five Instagram SEO tools can give you an edge and help you succeed:

Instagram Insights

Provides information on Instagram followers, content reach, and engagement

Gives insights into audience demographics, impressions, story reactions, etc.


Allows you to schedule posts

Can be integrated with Instagram

Enables tracking of performance across various platforms

Provides data on follower growth, and campaign efficiency




Designed specifically for Instagram

Provides Hashtag analytics, competitor analysis, and content performance insights

Provides in-depth analysis of engagement rate, reach, impressions, etc.




Enables you to schedule posts in advance

Contains a visual planner to organise your Instagram feed



Sprout Social

Full-featured social media management software

Contains functions like scheduling, content planning, social listening

Provides insights into audience demographics, post-performance metrics, and engagement data



Instagram SEO is essential for reaching your brand’s full potential on the platform. Follow the steps in this blog post to improve your Instagram profile’s performance, gain more followers, and make your content more discoverable. 

Now is the time to put what you’ve learned into practice. By optimising your Instagram posts for search engines, you can make your brand stand out from the crowd and attract more of the people you want to see it. 

As you put these tips into action, you may want to consult with Itzfizz Digital, a well-known social media marketing agency that provides a variety of services to simplify your social media marketing. We should be your go-to for all your digital marketing requirements, from engagement to posting unique content.

We have helped brands save time and money by providing fast and efficient services that guarantee immediate results. Just follow our advice, put these plans into action, and watch as your brand’s visibility soars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

How long does it take to see results from Instagram SEO efforts?

Depending on a number of variables, such as the consistency and quality of your material, the level of engagement, and your target audience, the time it takes to see benefits from Instagram SEO efforts can vary. In order to gradually optimize your plan, it's critical to be patient, keep an eye on your analytics, and make necessary corrections.

Can Instagram SEO help in growing my business or personal brand?

Absolutely! Your company or personal brand can expand greatly by implementing efficient Instagram SEO tactics. You have the chance to broaden your reach, create brand awareness, lead to conversions, or accomplish your intended objectives by improving exposure, drawing in a targeted audience, and fostering engagement.

Can I use Instagram SEO techniques for both organic and paid content?

Both organic and paid content can benefit from the use of Instagram SEO tactics. Optimising your profile, employing pertinent hashtags, and producing interesting content will improve your overall exposure and performance on the platform, regardless of whether you're running paid advertisements or concentrating on expanding your organic reach.

Is it necessary to update my Instagram SEO strategy regularly?

Yes, it is essential to maintain and modify your Instagram SEO approach on a frequent basis. Trends, algorithms, and user behavior may vary over time because the platform is continually changing. You can stay ahead of the curve and keep your competitive edge by investigating new features, keeping up with the most recent best practices, and doing analytics.

How do I stay updated with the latest Instagram SEO trends and best practices?

Make it a habit to subscribe to trustworthy industry blogs, attend webinars or conferences, and interact with the Instagram community if you want to keep current on the newest Instagram SEO trends and best practices. Additionally, pay attention to official Instagram announcements and updates because they frequently offer insightful information on changes that could have an impact on your SEO approach.
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